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Halifax mortgage insurance is referred to as Halifax home protection. Halifax insurance is quickly establishing itself as a leading insurance company in the UK.

It has been around for 150 years selling people homes, so one can imagine with one and a half century’s experience they don’t disappoint when it comes to offering mortgage insurance services.

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About Halifax Mortgage Protection

Halifax insurance was formed in 1853 as The Halifax Permanent Benefit Building and Investment Society, a building society to service the locals. Undergoing several mergers and takeovers it came under the ownership of Lloyds Banking Group, following a takeover in January 2009. The company operates primarily in the UK; they operate by phone, over the Internet or simply by an individual walking over to one of their branches.

Mortgage Insurance by Halifax

Mortgages offer an easy route to acquire a home. They don’t necessarily take the sting out of the high cost of living in a good house but simply offer an easier way to tackle the pain. The mortgage, however, just like most ideal things in life does have its cons. If one were to drop dead on the floor, who would complete payment of the mortgage? Companies cannot just assume that because an individual left the face of the earth the payment can cease. That would just be a terrible mistake that would lead to massive losses.

The family that the individual leaves behind gets to suffer the consequences. Most mortgage companies are ruthless in acquiring their money back and the family may be thrown into the streets unless they are able to come up with a back up source of money to repay the loan. Halifax Insurance, however, is not one to let that happen while they watch. They offer a comprehensive mortgage insurance in which they pay an agreed amount of money to enable the family to complete payment of the mortgage. The company goes a step further and provides the mortgage in the form of HomeProtector insurance in which they embed life and disability insurance to protect the home.

Rival Companies

Newer competitors include large supermarkets such as Morrisons mortgage insurance cover.

Halifax Mortgage Insurance reviews

There’re quite a number of reviews on the popular review centre about Halifax Mortgage Protection. One can follow the following link to read a specific review about their excellent services: Halifax. When looking for mortgage protection cover, Halifax Insurance would definitely be a recommended choice.

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